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I am a financial planner specialising in comprehensive financial advice by researching and considering the best retail investment products or providers available to meet the client's needs and thus provide clients with unbiased and unrestricted advice. This is a huge advantage to you the client.

My clients are my number one priority and everything I do I do for them. My philosophy is "look after your clients and everything else will look after itself.”

I have a Bcom degree in management and am currently studying a post grad diploma in Financial Planning. Starting off in the banking sector I came across many heart wrenching situations where parents were desperately trying to get money to pay for school fees or businesses were struggling because of a lack of proper planning. This is when I realised that I wanted to become a financial planner, so that I could help people and put plans in place so that they were never in situations that I dealt with on a daily basis. 

A financial plan is more than a set of financial strategies - it's a way to capture what's important to you, build wealth and translate it into the future you want. That's why I believe in ongoing, personal advice - building long-term financial plans that adapt to your changing needs, and bring you lasting financial security and wellbeing.



Ben Charlton