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Saturday, 19 November 2016 00:00

Why should men have Critical Illness Cover?

It is now the middle of November and moustaches are beginning to sprout from men young and old all over the country in support of Movember.



Where did the Mo’s idea come from what was the inspiration and the reason for Movember. It’s honourable origins started in 2003 when two Australians, friends, (Travis Garone and Luke Slattery) came together and being inspired by a local breast cancer campaign decided to start a campaign to benefit men’s health and prostate cancer. What started out as a fun joke has now become a serious global awareness movement.


But, why is this so important? Well, 1 in 6 South African men will develop prostate cancer and 4 600 men are diagnosed every year in South Africa. So how can we prevent prostate cancer? Through exercise, eating healthy, reducing alcohol intake, and including certain foods like tomatoes in your diet helps to prevent prostate cancer.


What is prostate cancer? It is the most common cancer affecting the male reproductive system and it is the second leading cause of death in males. It is caused by diet, genetics and a family history of cancer which increases the risk of prostate cancer.


The medical costs of cancer can become extreme. It can affect your quality of life and your financial position.

Medical aid and gap cover will only pay for the direct costs when you fall ill or when you spend time in the hospital. But, there could be sub-limits and co-payments applicable for oncology treatment.


There is also an indirect costs such as rehabilitation, alternative therapies, loss of income etc. One out of two cancer patients will suffer from depression. The treatment for depression can cost up to R50 000.00 per year. Therefore having medical aid doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to cover all those medical costs there is a whole bunch of other costs as well. Some cancers can leave you disabled and or with a disability. You might not be able to work and without being able to work your income will be impacted.


It is vitally important to get insurance as well, especially for men who are at the average age of susceptibility to having prostate cancer (around 50 years).


You should start to look towards your future and take critical illness cover to protect your income, also check your health regularly from your late 30’s to ensure early detection.


This blog is dedicated to Movember awareness.


Author Ben Charlton

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Ben Charlton

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